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Brass Necklace
1 - 4  =  $24.20
5 - 9  =  $19.25
10 +  =  $15.40

Brass Chain

Item #: C0929a-brpc
1 - 9  =  $12.65
10 - 24  =  $10.20
25 +  =  $8.25
Sold By: 1 Foot
Dimensions : 7x10.5 - 15.5x22 mm

Feminine, ovular brass shapes are inverted and bound together with brass rings. Each set is joined by a larger, oval ring to form this unusual single strand chain. Handmade in Bali, the curved shapes measure 15.5mm x 22mm each, while the brass oval measure 7mm x 10.5mm each. Please order by the foot.
Bulk chain less than 25 feet can not be returned.

Our chain is produced in segments of 25 feet in length. Orders for more than 25 feet will necessarily include multiple segments of 25 feet including any shorter segments required to make up the total amount. For orders totaling 25 feet or less, a single segment will be sent if available. In cases where we do not have a single segment of sufficient length available, the customer will be contacted. C0929a C0929 C929a C929 brass